Why should you use an independent representative?

D&O Engineering is an independent representative.  That means we can be your outside sales force, but unlike direct sales personnel, you have:

  • No cost until you are paid for the sale
  • No managing remote offices
  • No managing remote employees
  • No motivation concerns
  • No customer training
  • No travel cost
  • No hiring, firing or layoff hassles

Outsourced sales and marketing are inherently efficient!


We already know many of the engineers, buyers and executives at your customers and have worked with them for years. A multi-line field sales representative is a long-term marketing partner who grows with their principals while maintaining a steady presence in their specific territory. In addition to selling products, they offer additional services, such as:


  1. Liaison engineering
  2. On-the-scene availability to address problems
  3. Service to the customer
  4. Communication of customer activity to the principal

Airplane WingThe Independent Representative is a cost-effective alternative to direct salespeople. The defined cost to the Principal is the contracted commission rate, which is tied to actual sales.

D&O Engineering is a well established Independent Manufacturer’s Representative, we provide an experienced staff with extensive experience in the specialty fields of Aircraft/Aerospace Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and their major sub-contractors.

Many of the world’s major manufacturers recognize the economic advantage and the value of the professional skills available in established representatives.

Aero-Spaces, LLC.

Aero-Spaces, LLC. Logo In addition, D&O recognized an unmet need for aerospace specific warehousing and started subsidiary Aero-Spaces LLC. Aero-spaces can offer outsourced warehousing, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and many related services for our principals. Go to aero-spaces.com for more information.



 MANA Logo

D&O Engineering is a member of Manufacturers’ Agents National Association (MANA)